In 2019 How to Paint Motorcycle Fairings

In 2019 How to Paint Motorcycle Fairings

How to Paint Motorcycle Fairings?Paint Motorcycle Fairings

While motorcycle fairings are helping your bike to cut the air drag, achieve faster acceleration at lower rpm and lower fuel consumption.

Knowing how to paint motorcycle fairings (enhancing your bike a unique look) could be one of the most obvious ways of defining which rider style you are.

Thus, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, start paint motorcycle fairings would give you quite a lot of fun more control over your bike personality. Furthermore, honda grom fairing kits a serious rider needs to have to be able to repair, restore or renew your bike fairings.

If you planning on doing so, here a helpful and descriptive step by step guide on how to paint your motorbike fairings yourself.

Custom Fairing Design Draft ExampleIf you have no clue of doing such a sketch, take a look at below example from one of our customers: Ducati 1199 Panigale Superbike Coach Fairing Kit

Creating a Paint BoothCreate a paint area where you can make a mess, the best suggested area is either a garage or storage area. Enhance a comfortable painting experience

cover the walls up with plastic

Bring in the motorcycle and place it at a convenient angle on the platform. 2006 gsxr 600 fairings

1. Use the application tool to remove the fairings safely without damaging them

2. Move the bike outside of the painting area after removing all the fairing needed painting, this is to protect other parts of the bike from unnecessary paint stains.

3. Store the bolts in a plastic baggie clearly marked where they are taken.

4. As it an important step to make the fairing surface as consistent smooth as possible to which the primer and the paint will adhere best. 2001 yamaha r6 fairings

Dust off residual sand particles after completing this step.

PS: If the surface you painting isn perfectly smooth, you end up with an ugly, uneven coat of paint on your bike, and nobody wants that.

Primer Your Motorcycle Fairing

Without primer, the paint will not stick properly to the fairings.

Please read the instructions mentioned on the epoxy primer packaging, 2006 suzuki gsxr 600 fairings prepared to apply two even coats of epoxy primer on the fairings.